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About Your Free Case Evaluation

Your consultation will be with a licensed lawyer not a salesperson, paralegal or document preparer. We believe if you are taking the time to contact or come to a law office, then you deserve to speak with a lawyer. Our goal is to help our clients and providing the type of assistance to people that only lawyers can provide.

Very frequently people are surprised by what they learn when I first speak with them. When people contact me, they often do not understand their DUI options at all. They often demonstrate a huge sense of relief after their options explained to them in a manner they understand.

Our goal is to learn about your unique situation and provide a consultation unique to you. Our goal is to learn about your unique situation and provide a consultation unique to you. Therefore, plan and bringing information that will help us address your situation when you arrive at our office.


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Free Case Evaluation

If you are serious about defending your DUI, record this information while its still fresh in your memory. After filling out the form you will receive your free DUI Survival Guide that will help you understand major steps of the DUI legal process. It will tell you what will happen and what you will need to know if you were pulled over by a police officer, if you were arrested, if your case goes to trial, and if the Department of Motor Vehicles considers revoking your drivers’ license.

I will call you after I receive your email report. Please include telephone contact information. It is very important to discuss these matters personally. Submissions without telephone contact information will be discarded. Please answer the questions as accurately as possible; do not guess at an answer (approximations are fine, but not as reliable). The results depend on your truthfulness.

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What are you charged with?
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If yes, what are the test readings?
Was there a collision or accident?
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Have you ever been arrested for DUI before?
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If yes, what was the approximate date?
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